• We’re building a mobile bike repair service we’d use too!

    For real, we’re excited to meet you

    • Carrying around a broken bike is a bummer. So are the hassles, unpredictable pricing and long waits associated with bike shops. Also, being without your bike for extended periods simply sucks.

    • We’re here to change all that.

    • We service your bike anywhere you are on your schedule, whether that’s your home or office, offer flat-rate pricing, and a remarkable, convenient and seamless online experience.

  • None of this nonsense


      • Finding adequate transportation for your broken bikes, trailer, and 2 year old to the bike shop
      • Waiting for repairs to be done, pacifying your 2 year old
      • Attempting to pay for your service while ensuring your now 3 year old doesn’t tip over the sale racks
      • Leaving the store annoyed at upsell attempts, pressure to get upgraded service, and hidden fees in addition to the mess made in the back seat by your now 4 year old
  • Instead, we


      • are super friendly, professional, honest, authentic and prompt
      • offer a flat rate for all our services and include expected time and cost for all repairs we do
      • provide service anywhere you want it in Portland
      • view each meeting with you as an opportunity to redefine what “service” means
      • want to WOW you each time, and we throw in some cool surprises to do so
      • have a 200% Guarantee: If you’re not happy we come back to make it right
  • What’s with the funky name


    • Remember that old SNL Mike Myers skit, “Sprockets”? Here’s a video to jog your memory, complete with Hebrew subtitles for our promised land customers:

    • Actually, the name had nothing to do with Mike Myers or SNL. Instead, the sprocket is a crucial part of your bike, which engages the bike chain rolling over it, transferring the force you generate with your muscles to the rear wheel.

    • When you are cleanly powering your tuned-up bike forward, your sprocket should be at warp speed, or flying. We’ll make sure you can comfortably make this happen after your bike is all fixed up and ready to roll!

  • Our 200% Happiness Guarantee!


    • Remember the old days when companies made sure you were happy at the end of day? We want those days back! So, if you don’t think we did a good enough job to recommend us to your friends, we will come out and make things right.

    • No extra charge!