• SprocketFly

    ensures safety and comfort

    • Wipe down frame and components
    • Adjust brakes and derailleurs front and rear
    • Adjust all bearing systems: hubs, bottom bracket, and headset
    • Lubricate moving parts (brakes, derailleurs, levers, and pulleys)
    • Check drivetrain for wear, light clean and lube
    • Bolt and accessory safety check
    • Inspect tires for wear and proper air fill
  • Sparkle

    Most Popular commuter package

    • Wheel true front and back
    • Fresh hub grease
    • Detail clean gear cluster, derailleur jockey wheels, and chain
    • Remove and re-grease pedals, seatpost, and stem (if quill-type)
    • Detail clean wheels, rims, tires, and all components
    • Wipe down and polish frame
  • Overhaulin’

    Super wheeled soulmate TLC

    • Complete bike dis-assembly and re-assembly
    • De-grease, detail clean and re-grease all threads and bearing surfaces, inspect for stripping and pitting
    • Replace bearings
    • Replace all brake and derailleur cables and housing
    • Remove handlebar tape, and replace with a tightly wrapped masterpiece


  • Bike Disassembly for Fedex

    Includes box pack & prep

    • Shipping your bike? We ensure your bicycle safely gets where it needs to go.
    • We pack it professionally with quality materials in a sturdy bike box.
    • All you need to do is pay for a shipping label, slap it on, and you’re ready to roll
  • Bike in a box assembly

    Includes recycling

    • Putting together your touring/cargo bike? Just bought a bike and it’s sitting in a box?
    • We’ll put it together with love and attention and recycle the rest
    • Your wheeled stallion will be ready to roll whenever you are
  • Accessory Installs

    1 free with any service, $15 per thereafter
    Even if it’s really funky, we’ll install it!

    • Common Acessory Installs We Do:
      Front and rear lights
      Front basket
      Child seat
      Bike computer
  • Repairs

    $15 every 15 minutes
    Here are a few examples of common repairs we do, parts are extra

    • Expected Repair Time: 15 min 30 min 45 min
      Front or rear brake pads
      Brake cable and housing
      Cockpit and Seat
      Fit adjustment to rider Handlebar replacement
      Handlebar tape replacement
      Derailleur cable install Bottom bracket overhaul
      Chain replacement
      Cassette replacement
      Tire and/or Tube Spoke with wheel true
      Hub overhaul